Twin Mattress Sale Under $100

Twin Mattress Sale Under $100

Normally you get Twin Mattress Sale Under $100 in size of 39” X75”, though there are longer ones too for above average tall people. That’s good size for a guest bed also. But what do you do with a Twin Mattress Sale Under $100 lying around the house.

Here’s a practical option for using it as a couch provided it has its bed frame. Just ensure that the ends are uniform so that it looks like a real couch. Here are the steps for completing this simple affordable project.

Step 1: Visit a mattress store to buy bed covers. If you can’t find something that really goes well with your present interior design and colors, you may consider making one of your own. Make sure to follow the pattern of the skirt of your old twin bed.

Step 2: You will also need to buy pillows, pillow cases and bolsters. These need not necessarily be of the color of your bedcover. You may buy a different shade. It will be nice and thoughtful to buy printed pillow cases, so that you can mix and match.


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