new purple mattress review

Hey everyone I’m Jeff rahzel from my slumber yard calm we are back at it once.Again with another video about purple so this is a review but it’s a little bit of a different take on a review so in the past what we’ve done is gone down item by item and talked about all of their beds and it made a pretty lengthy and if I’m admitting something a little bit harder to follow a artical so for today what we’re gonna do is trim the fat and we’re gonna make a artical about who will like purple beds rather than go through every little item let’s just get down to it who’s gonna like purple so we’re gonna talk about all that and much more in today’s artical but because you know it’s

A little bit of a different take on our reviews there’s gonna be more information that you want to look at discounts if we can find them so just make sure to check out everything that text below the video screen let’s get to alright let’s start with policy stuff if you’re subscribed to our wabsite you know we always start here because we think it’s important that you know this stuff so


New purple mattress review

offers completely free shipping with all of their beds with the original purple purple – purple 3 purple for the only difference used to be was that purple the original one shipped via FedEx and a large purple bag and that actually was pretty quick the ship via FedEx and then for purple two three and four because they were really heavy they used to ship them full-size with White Glove delivery via a local moving company or a carrier now it looks like they’ve been able to roll pack those and also ship those inside a bag via FedEx

so I’m not quite sure what’s gonna happen for you but if you do end up getting one of the new purple mattress review¬† beds chances are it’s gonna show up in one of those giant purple back it’s not gonna hurt the mattress clearly the company has tested it and they feel like maybe .it just helped them with shipping costs or something so sometimes you’ll get .White Glove delivery sometimes you might not get it in any case though delivery

is not gonna cost you a dime now once the bed shows up your house that’s when the trial period starts so you have 100 nights to try it out and say hey this whole new concept new purple mattress review this is for me or not just not for me and if you don’t end up like in the bed you get 100% of your money back inside the trial period
just call them up and get your money back now if you do keep it it comes with a 10-year warranty which is pretty standard and all of these beds are made in the United States they’re made in a facility I believe that purple owns in Utah which is you know it’s pretty cool so I just love the fact that you know they’re unique I’m sure you’ve heard that but also it’s risk free to try out their beds so speaking of their beds let’s talk about who’s gonna like them right and so the first category is somebody that’s just you’re sick of what’s out there and I’ve heard this from so many people that say look I’ve tried pillowtop mattresses I’ve tried coil mattresses I tried

New purple mattress review


new purple mattress review


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Memory foam I tried foam I’ve tried latex I’ve tried this this this this I tried air mattresses and nothing works maybe you have shoulder pain hip pain back pain maybe of hot flashes maybe your hot sleeper whatever it is there’s just so many people that are kind of sick of what’s out there and they’re willing to try something new like purple now I personally am a huge fan of purple mat on our team sleeps on purple Dylan on our team I believe even now sleeps

Purple mattress and so there are just some people that have fallen over the purple mattress and they just love it now I don’t sleep on a purple bed because my fiancee Amelia bless her heart most beautiful woman in the world she says nope Jeff we’re not sleeping on it I don’t want to sleep on a Perl bed so she just wants a big fluffy pillow top bed and so she wins and that’s why I don’t sleep on a purple bed otherwise I would because I just think the technology is fantastic so I guess the first thing is people that are sick of what’s out there also the second thing would be just hot sleepers in general and this is something I’ve talked about in a lot of other video so if you’ve already heard this I apologize but if you look down at hyperelastic polymer the top layer on all the purple beds right
The original purple purple two three andfour they all have this top layer that’s not a foam it’s not coils it’s nothinglike that it’s kind of like you know big dr. Scholl’s insole and the way they’ve laid it out is a grid format so that there’s tons of air that can sit inside the mattress and the material itself hyper elastic polymer that doesn’t heat up like a foam does and so throughout the night if you sweat a lot or if you just generally get hot maybe you’ve got


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Night sweats or hot flashes purple bedsdo a great job of remaining at a flat neutral temperature now one thing .I think most people overlook but that’s pretty cool about purple is that they’re not an active cooling bed so they didn’t incorporate a cooling textile on the cover to where it’s gonna try and actively cool you down but they just don’t warm up so I think that’s something that people should acknowledge because there are some really nice cooling beds out there but.They might be overkill because you know purple just does a great job of keeping on a neutral temperature that’s


new purple mattress review
new purple mattress review

Something I really appreciate and I’ll also say individuals of all sleeping types so side back stomach and combination sleepers you know but it’s not really quite that simple so the original purple mattress it sits at about a true medium maybe a hair softer purple to because it incorporates quayle’s as its support base like purple 3 & 4 the bed not only is a little bit heavier and a little bit more expensive.But purple too is a little bit more so it’s still close to a medium but just a hair firmer because you have less hyperelastic polymer less of that

Comfort layer between you and the coils underneath now purple 3 it adds three inches of hyper elastic polymer which means that you get a little bit of a softer experience I’d say purple 3 is a true medium on the soft to firm scale now purple 4 adds 4 inches so it’s th softest bed that they make so you get almost this weightless experience like

You just feel buoyant like you’re just floating on top of the bed and I really
like that because if you do rotate to your side since you’re applying more pressure in a smaller area it’s gonna sink in on your shoulder and give you great pressure relief same thing with your hips but it’s gonna support the other areas of but your body really nicely so that’s one of my favorite things about purple is that and I know this sounds too good to be true but you know they’re they’re kind of soft and firm at the same time because it’s not it doesn’t react like a foam so you can sleep in any position you want but remember that a lot of this stuff is subjective based on your weight so if you’re 300 pounds you’re not gonna sleep

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