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It’s Time to Change Your Single Bed Mattress When…

It’s Time to Change Your single size mattress When…If you still have the same single size mattress from childhood and have moved it with you more than once, it is time to change your mattress. Even if your old mattress is a queen-size that you only slept on one side of, it is time to say goodbye.

Mattresses should typically be changed every seven to ten years. Old mattresses run the risk of having squeaky springs, uneven support, and even dust mites, or other allergens. Also, as you age, your body can become more sensitive to pressure points, making it necessary to seek out a single size mattress with more support. If you have flipped your mattress -or even invested in a single bed mattress topper- and you have not noticed any increase in support or comfort, you must replace you single size mattress !



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These days,

single size mattress are made from a wide variety of materials, such as: coir, cotton, sisal, wool, latex or foam. Sometimes, manufacturers will use a combination of these materials in on mattress for the ultimate in support and comfort. Depending on the way they are stitched together, these single size mattress can have different “feels”. For instance, a mattress that is tufted if often tight and firm, while a mattress that is diamond quilted, or high loft, is often soft and pliable. There are also many differences in the mattress covering. A cotton or nylon-covered mattress is often hard and supportive, while a damask-covered mattress is often softer and more plush.

When looking for a new mattress, you must consider what features you are looking for the mattress to provide. Are you looking for the mattress to be more supportive, or for it to have a more forgiving bounce? Are you concerned about allergies? Would you like your mattress to be certified as allergy-free?

You must also be concerned with the size of the single size mattress . If you are still carrying around your single bed mattress from childhood it may be time for you to upgrade to a full. If you are part of a couple and are feeling “the crunch”, it may be time to upgrade your queen bed to a king size.

With all of the developments and offerings in mattress comfort and design, there is no longer an excuse for you to be holding on to your single bed and mattress. Say goodbye to your old friends, the dustmites, and upgrade your bed today. Don’t let another night of great sleep pass you by, get a new single bed mattress

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